Why BYC is a Big Believer of Personal-Branded Websites



Well, for starters, we believe in YOU. So for others to see what we see, they have to be able to find you first. Living in the digital age, you don’t want to be in business without a website; and this isn’t about keeping up with your competitors. It’s about standing out from the crowd and allowing your target audience to find your amazing services with ease. 

You might be thinking, “sure, this sounds fine… but what if I’m very active on social media? Isn’t that enough?” Honestly, the answer is, no. Think about it this way: Yes, social media platforms play a vital role in promoting you online, but having a website shows you mean business. It’s a one-stop shop to allow you and your brand to shine.

Here are the 5 essentials needed for your personal brand’s website:

1. CLARITY: Make sure you’re super clear about who you can help and what you do. Be specific and straight to the point. Many people make the mistake of saying too much or straying away from the point, which will confuse your target audience. Know what you offer and let that sing!

2. IMAGERY: Invest in good photographs and images. Your face is your personal brand, so why wouldn’t you want to look anything but fabulous? Websites aren’t necessarily about words, but how they look. You won’t regret investing time, money and effort into this. And what’s more, you’re fully in control of creating how it looks, unlike with signing up to a social media platform. Choose your colours carefully and create a signature font.

3. FLOW: Be sure that the flow of the website moves with fluidity. Make it very easy for people to book a call with you or book your services. Keep it simple. There’s nothing worse than a complicated website with confusion on how to make initial contact. Your website must be mobile-friendly, too.

4. LINKS: Link every single one of your social media platforms to your website clearly, not forgetting a bold link to your business. But most importantly, check that the links all work! Too often, people forget to test this, or put it to the bottom of their To-Do list. We all know how disappointing it can be to hit a blank link or be redirected.

5. HIGHLIGHT: Shout out about your achievements. Feature testimonials from previous clients. Be loud and proud about any awards you’ve won or 5-star reviews you’ve received. Remember, this is exactly what your target audience will want to see in order to book your services, so give it to them!

Introduce yourself in your own unique way, allowing your audience to see you’re human. Then believe in what you do with passion.

Big companies have sales teams who devote their careers to selling a brand, but for entrepreneurs, your website is your personal sales team and biggest cheerleader. When you aren’t able to answer the phone or appear in person, your website will do all the talking for you. It’s time to show the world YOU, and how you are making this world a better place.

Check out some of our clients for great examples:

To find out more about how we can put your brand out there, book a call with me and my team. We’d love to help you!

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