Why Athletes Need a Strong Personal Brand



It’s all too easy overlook the importance of developing a personal brand as an athlete or sports player whilst you are focussed on honing your career.

But, having a strong personal brand will help to establish all those important recognition and trust within the sports arena, which in turn can bring even greater opportunities to further success through endorsement, sponsorships, and content marketing.

Creating that presence requires a carefully curated personal brand strategy and consistency to ensure a measured success.

You are a ‘Product’

The first step to establishing a presence is to identify with our clients – who they are!  Think first and foremost that you are a ‘product’ and how you can best reach and relate to your audience. That’s the power behind the creation of personal brand.

You may be a sports player starting out or about to take the next step post a career in football, golf or track and field activities.  The message that you need to create may vary, the method remains the same.

Take our 60-second quiz and see where your personal brand is, it can be a great way to understand the gaps and next steps.

Establish Your Brand

It’s essential in today’s moving market to develop a strong and credible social media strategy across different platforms to ensure that your message is seen by the right people. 

By identifying clear content pillars, frequency, and type of content this becomes the foundation that is crucial in building trust and credibility. 

Your focus

The creation of an authentic personal biography that people can engage with is the underpinning to establishing your brand story. Visual credibility is also key, which involves content creation, a website, media kit, and social graphics.   

Be authentic and Stand Out

Overall, athletes and sports players need to have a personal brand to stand out in their field of expertise and open greater opportunities for themselves. 

It can seem overwhelming at first but starting with a personal brand audit and creating an authentic story is the best way to get begin to build a personal brand.

With the right strategy, the foundation of clear content pillars combined with passion and consistency, you can establish yourself as an industry authority and reap the rewards that come with it.

Whether you’re a footballer, golfer, track, and field athlete your personal brand has a valuable place to enable you to increase your presence and credibility through creative channels, social media, visual graphics, speaking opportunities, and media publications. 

To learn more and how you can work with Personal Brand Strategist Kelly Lundberg and Brand YOU Creators, book a call with the team today.

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