Welcome to Brand YOU Creators



Welcome to Brand YOU Creators, the website dedicated to supporting your legacy. If you’re joining for the first time – jump aboard, it’s going to be a transformative ride. 

Just like me, I’m sure you’ve already gone through a lot of growth. Whether personally or professionally there will be parts of you now, that you wouldn’t have recognized 5, 10, 15 years ago. But no matter what version you see staring back at you in the mirror today, you will always be you. Because there’s a single truth that makes you, well, you! And that will never change. You might not have figured out what that is yet, but it exists and is the basis of your authenticity. 

I’ve worn a lot of hats throughout the years, but no matter what I was forging, exploring and building, all roads brought me back to my love of business and communication – the genesis of my personal brand. 

Welcome to Brand YOU Creators 

For the past three years I have been running Brand YOU workshops, classes, mentoring sessions and consultancy all under my personal brand – Kelly Lundberg. I’ve seen businesses launch, sales figures triple, and media presence that we all want to be a part of – all from the Brand YOU alumni. That’s when I realised that Brand YOU is bigger than ‘Kelly Lundberg’ and it is time it has its own space. So, welcome to Brand YOU Creators where you will find the turnkey solution for creating a personal brand with an online presence, that positions you in the right lane to take you where you want to go next. 

Why Personal Branding is Important in 2022 – The Metaverse & ‘Me’

Were you as wide-eyed and clueless as I was when Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was re-branding Facebook and calling it ‘Meta’? Then got a little dizzier when words like ‘Metaverse’ started appearing? 

Without falling too deep into the Metaverse rabbit hole; don’t think of it as a place, but rather a point in time where we have more interactions online than we do in real life. That might scare you, but the next time you get on a train, look around – it’s already happening. Everyone is on their phone; chatting on Whatsapp, trading on Interactive Brokers, scrolling through Instagram or swiping right.

Corporations are already in a mad rush to land grab virtual real estate. In a world where our digital identity and our physical presence are increasingly intertwined, brand identity is more important than ever. Your place in the digital world is more important than ever, so why not make it authentic – align it to your true values. 

Now is the time to carve your corner in the Metaverse, establish your world as the bridge that connects online experience and identity to the physical world with your personal brand. 

Brand YOU

There are a few ways you can engage in Brand YOU:

  1. An  online course;
  2. a suite for creating digital assets, face to face consultancy with me (Kelly); and
  3. workshops / masterclasses / brand training. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, a C-level exec or currently creating a side hustle, your personal brand doesn’t just determine what is said about you when you walk out of a room, it’s what Google says about you in every room there’s a device connected to the internet – create the narrative for them.

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