The Importance of Your Personal Brand When Job Hunting



When I recently wanted to find a new job, I thought it will be a quick 3 month process. At the end of the day, with so many job advertisements out there how difficult it could be? That’s what I thought, at least. 

In the beginning, I did what everyone would do in my position: updated my CV, reached out to my network and made LinkedIn my friend. Even though I was putting so much of daily effort, I wasn’t getting anywhere. I landed a few interviews but mostly I was receiving “Thank you” but no thank you emails. 

I knew if I wanted to get a job I needed to do something different. 

During one of my sessions with my mentor Kelly, we came up with the idea of creating a website The idea was simple: present my unique traits in a more innovative way and differentiate myself from the competition, with a video to accompany the article. With the help of my LinkedIn network, my post and website went viral. 

The support I received far exceeded my expectations. To simply illustrate it: My goal was 200,000 views and it received 4.6 million! All that views helped me to secure 78 interviews and led me to my current role as a Training Manager and Life Coach at Kintsugi. 

You might wonder how I did that. There were a few crucial elements to making it happen. 

The Right Mindset

Mindset is everything, especially when you are faced with rejections or no replies from potential employers. Sometimes it is difficult not to wonder if you are good enough or question if you will ever land a job. Daily rituals like morning and evening meditation or gratitude journaling significantly helped me with quieting that internal chatter. The equally important thing that helped me was the support coming from my friends and family. They simply motivated me not to give up when I couldn’t do it myself.

Having a Great Routine

Job hunting can be a daunting process, therefore routine is a must. With the help of Success Journal, I created a brand new routine that balanced the job search and my well-being. Journal kept me focused since I was setting clear priorities for each day. It also helped me to stay on track, especially on the days when I was tired from applying for jobs and not seeing results.

Personal Brand

Last but not least: personal brand. And this isn’t something I started to build in a time of need. The job market is competitive and we all want to land an amazing job where we will be fulfilled. I started to consciously build my personal brand over two years ago through posting on the subject I am an expert in: self-development. Secondly I differentiated myself from the competition via my website which gave employers a chance to see what value I can add once employed.

If potential employers don’t know who you are and what you stand for it is more difficult for them to understand if you are who they are looking for. Take the time to analyse how you are seen at the moment and how you would like to be, to get where you want in your career. Because the truth is that you might not be looking for a job now, but most probably you will at some point. Therefore I would highly recommend starting today to boost your chances of landing your perfect job in the future. 

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