Five Tips to Action Your Public Speaking



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Your words are key to selling your brand. You might have carefully selected these words for your website and social media posts, but what happens when you have to speak publicly? Should you align that voice to your brand?


Does that sound daunting? Don’t worry! 

YOU are your own personal brand. You already know what you want to say. If public speaking isn’t something you feel comfortable with, you’re not alone. You might listen to entrepreneurs speak and wonder, how they do it so effortlessly? The truth is, public speaking is a skill, and like with any skill, it needs to be learnt, practiced and refined.

Here are 5 tips to action your public speaking:

1. Tell a Story: Make sure you have a beginning, middle and end to your talk or presentation. Give a warm greeting; your opening must be strong for this the first impression you give. Tell a little story or two that might resonate with the audience! I like to share how I transformed from cabin crew to an entrepreneur and how I wrote my first business idea down on a napkin at a bar. Then relax and talk about your business. Finish with an open-ended question to engage your audience in the next step.

2. Join your Local Toastmaster’s Group: You need to be speaking a minimum of once a week or four times per month, but it can take time to establish your personal brand and get the gigs. Clubs are an amazing way to practise. Think of public speaking as a muscle. The more you train, the stronger it becomes.

3. IGTV and Facebook Live: This is free and informal, allowing you to find a rhythm to your voice and how you engage with your audience. Set 15 minutes aside each week to go live and talk about your brand. You don’t need to talk for 15 minutes straight! Just breathe and don’t rush. Invite a friend to join you on the live chat or interview a client. 

4. Good Reads: Read up on public speaking, for example, Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo. This is a wonderful book for discovering the secrets on how to deliver the perfect TED Talk, but it can also be extremely helpful in preparing for a work presentation.

5. Visual Aids: Worried what to do with your hands? Prepare some good visuals as part of your presentation and this will guide you with some welcomed security, too. 

So don’t torture yourself with memories of reading aloud in school or having to give a presentation under immense pressure. This is:

  • Your business
  • Your brand
  • Your rules!

To find out more about how your voice can meet your brand, book a call with me and my team. We’d love to help you shout out loud and proud!

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