We are a specialized branding agency for C-Suite Executives & Entrepreneurs.

For the past 20 years, I have worked with people to elevate their public image and identify pathways of opportunity that create impact. Industries changed, markets evolved and so did I, but the goal always remained the same.

It is my mission to inspire 5 people daily to show up and do something different, that makes a difference. I live my mission through the Brand You Creator Clients that I work with.

– Business Mentor, Personal Brand & Style Expert

What We Do

Using the highly successful Brand YOU Strategy, we simplify the personal branding process to work for you from whatever stage you’re at –

From finding your uniqueness and extrapolating that into a product, to establishing the correct market positioning that drives traffic, cultivates authority and garners trust, you become the type of person that everyone must do business with.

Brand YOU

What you get

has propelled herself from a salaried employee to an award-winning business owner, Personal Brand Expert and Business Mentor. By pivoting her own personal brand through the digital landscape over the past 20 years, Kelly has successfully launched an academy, written and published several books, held workshops, created a successful digital agency and given keynote speeches across the world on entrepreneurship, personal branding and topics such as her powerful TEDx Talk entitled ‘The Currency of Life’.   


if your personal brand stands out.